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Here’s the Real Reason Why Unchecked Migration is Desired in Europe

Do  you want to talk about black pills for western finance? How about the specter of 40% population declines for highly indebted countries in Europe, or the loss of 500 million people in China?

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Thanks to degeneracy, the loss of family values and desire to procreate in western societies, a slew of ancient civilizations are on the precipice of disastrous demographic shifts. The last time the world underwent such a dilemma was during the black plague.

Not only is western society on the verge of collapsing populations, but it’s happening at the very worst time — as debt spirals to record highs and markets are being held together by central bank rigging.

Let’s review some of the projections.


The number one and constant contributor to growth has been population. We’ve enjoyed a continuous streak of population increases for centuries, which has help stoke growth in banking, retail and every facet of industry. For a banker, numbers count for everything. The credit cards need to be issued to someone. Do you think JP Morgan cares if the credit card holder, or student loan borrower is black, white or brown?

Europe is facing a crisis, one that isn’t being talked about now. German factories will need to be stocked with people to make their cars. The cheaper the labor, the better, so now you know why they’re welcoming people from the middle east and Africa with open arms. They’ll settle in Berlin, spit out 7 kids each, and then raise them to work in German factories.

Prove me wrong.

Juxtapose the demographic shifts that loom against the balance sheets of the major central banks around the world and tell me how you think this party ends?

Don’t worry. This post is about a decade early. No one will be talking about this for a while. Hopefully by then, Europe would’ve imported enough middle easterners and Africans to restock their populations, ensuring future borrowers, credit card holders, and students willing to bankrupt themselves to pursue higher education.


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