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67% of Italians want migrants stopped while politicians scheme to let them in

The majority of Italians want the arrival of migrants to be completely blocked. This is revealed today by a poll conducted by Swg for il Messaggero, according to which 67% are in favour of blocking the boats completely (45%) and immediate repatriation (22%).

One year before only 43% of Italians considered it necessary to welcome and sort the migrants; today that has fallen to 33%.

The Last Italian Family


Surprisingly a majority favours a stop among all political alignments, with a peak of 96% among the Lega supporters [anti-immigration party] and a minimum of 52% among PD [the reigning Socialist party] supporters. The figure jumps to 79% among the Berlusconians, 70% among Grillo supporters [leftist populist] and 62% among the undecided.

But while Italy's people are now firmly against immigration, its politicians are scheming to make it easier for foreigners to acquire citizenship with a Ius Soli law that will grant Italian citizenship automatically to anyone born in Italy. The majority of Italians oppose the proposed law but the rulers don't care.

51.4% of Italians think the law is an effort to bring about ethnic substitution.





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