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Antonio Tajani: there could be as many as 30 million migrants heading to Europe in the coming years

In an interview with Die Welt, the European Parliament president addressed the migrant crisis, taking a closer look at Mediterranean route from North Africa to Southern Italy. Politician admitted that terror groups like Islamic State have used the migrant crisis as a cover to sneakily embed their fighters into Europe to commit terror attacks and noted that immigration, terrorism, and economy were top on his agenda for today.

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Brussels: Migrants are 'shopping around' EU to be sent home on the best conditions

As a part of EU migration policy, which claims that, wherever possible, voluntary return schemes are preferable to forced return schemes, most EU countries offer cash incentives to migrants, whose applications to stay are unsuccessful, inducing them to return to their countries of origin. Amount varies significantly from one EU country to another, sometimes depending on particular migrant's country of origin and age, creating a trend among gumptious refugees to end up in the most generous country, like Germany or France.

germany, refugees

Auditors: German integration courses for migrants are a waste


The Federal Agency for Employment (BA) is said to have spent over €400 million on courses designed to help migrants learn German and integrate into country’s economic and social life. However, among German auditors there is a serious concern that large piece of the sum has been simply wasted: some classes did not record attendance lists, while others did not even take place.

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